Selected Work

Nonfiction (selected)

LegsEcotone \ Recognized as notable in Best American Essays 2019

A Miniature for My Mother |  New England Review

The House Beautiful or the House Good EnoughSouthern Cultures

Fiction (selected)

The Woman Who Did Things Wrong | Copper Nickel | Editors’ Prize in Prose

Flown | The Cincinnati Review 

Et tu, Miss Jones | Literary Matters

The Boy on the BusElectric Literature

Hot Lesbian Vampire Magic Schoolfailbetter | Million Writers Award Notable Story

Name of BriscoestorySouth


Interview with Zoë Bossiere, New Books Network podcast

“Objects to Think With: A Conversation with Julia Ridley Smith” Molly Sentell Haile, The Adroit Journal

“Julia Ridley Smith’s ‘The Sum of Trifles’: Accumulation of Meaning Through Objects” Jeannine Burgdorf, Chicago Review of Books

Interview for the series Non-fiction by Non-Men by E.B. Bartels Ashley Trebisacci, Fiction Advocate

Interview in  The Southern Review